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20% of your prize-money will be awarded to your registered coach. If you register as 'Self-Trained' you will receive 100% prizemoney. WCAL races only.

Your registered club name. (IE. AWA, UWA, NBA, CUR, MEL, WTC, CAN, MAN, MAWA etc)

If you are a current registered member of a Senior athletics club (Athletics WA - eg.Curtin, North Beach, UWA, Melville, Man/Rock, Joondalup, KIngsway), or any WA little athletics club (WALAA) or Masters WA (MWA) click YES... If NO, you will be charged an extra $20 compulsory insurance. You can then run at AWA competitions as well as a member of the WCAL.

Your prizemoney will be deposited into your bank account. Please provide Acc Name, BSB & Acc No. (Make sure the numbers are correct or Bank charges will apply).

By ticking this box I am confiming that I am the person stated in the above 'Your Name' catagory. All competitors are required to comply with the ASADA & WADA rules and regulations. I understand that any videos, photos and results are property of, and will be used by the West Coast Athletics League (Inc.) for publication. I acknowledge the above information to be true and correct and there are significant penalties for giving false or misleading information. This membership is non refundable. The West Coast Athletics League (Inc.) has the right to review this membership and make any decisions, final or otherwise, without my consent.

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